About Us

Stylish Onesies is the home of exclusive designed, safe, durable onesies that are:

safe for sensitive skin
Our Story


I’m Selena., the owner and designer of Stylish Onesies.

I’m just a mom that wants the best for my kids.

Graphic Design Job:

My career started back in 1999 as a Graphic Designer for a small billboard company. I designed billboard ads for 15 years. During that time I had two daughters.

I had kids.

My oldest daughter was happy and healthy. She attended daycare while I worked. I didn’t have much time to do anything with her at all…

Then in 2011 I had my second daughter and my world was twisted upside down. She was sick all the time! She cried constantly and rarely slept. I struggled with my day job, motherhood, and daily life.

Medical Problems:

Then carpal tunnel reared its ugly head on not one, but both hands and elbows! Society made me believe that I had to keep working. Stupidly I pushed myself through the pain for three more years.

Time for a change.

Finally in 2013 I decided it was time for a change. I couldn’t find another job so I created my own. I made and sold party supplies on etsy (like these that I made for my daughters recent cat party.)

In 2014 I quit my day job. However, the carpal tunnel had done a lot of damage to my nerves and filing orders on etsy was a struggle.

In October of 2017 I got kicked off of etsy! My world shattered! I worked hard to build up a good customer base and great money and in an instant lost everything!

I failed.

It was difficult, but I learned a lot from losing etsy. I decided that it was time to make a real business, one that can’t be taken away from me.

After months of brainstorming and research, I decided to start my own onesie business. I wanted it to be online so I can still have time with my kids and not work so hard on bad pain days.

Believe it or not, this is not where my story ends…

I needed help getting people to know about my new website so I studied online advertising.

I got suckered into some online training that lead me to believe I would make $10k in three months. Their theory was to buy cheap baby clothes from overseas (like the one below) and sell them for 5-10 times the cost.

The more training I received, the shadier this company became.

Some say I failed again. Sigh

I prefer to say that I cut my loses and moved on.

Exclusive Designs:

I decided to keep my onesie idea but I will make all the designs myself. I thought about all the things that I personally would let my kids wear and have build my business around my expectations.


My youngest daughter has a lot of allergies, eczema, and sensitive skin. She breaks out in rashes, whelps and hives occasionally and I have to figure out what’s causing it.

I’ve found that cotton is a very good material for people with sensitive skin. It is:

I choose Rabbit Skins onesies because of their high quality. They are:

made out of 100% cotton
SAFE – follow all the rules for baby clothes and are CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) Certified
high quality
Screen Printing:

Now that I found a great onesie, I had to make sure the ink that is printed on it will be safe too. My printer uses water based ink that is safe for the environment and people.

That’s my journey so far….how I got here and why.


Our onesies are made as they are ordered since some of them are personalized. We do not order onesies from overseas so there isn’t long shipping delays. Everything comes from the U.S. so you’ll receive it much quicker. We currently ship to the U.S. and Canada.

It takes 3-5 days to make your onesie and about 3-5 days for shipping.


Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. We will do everything possible to ensure that your experience with us will be pleasant! The best way to reach us is via our Contact Page, because in this way we can keep records, and you will receive our reply within a few hours.

Baby Pics:

Please do send us a photo of your little one with our products (we love seeing your photos!) We’d love to hear from you.